Oude Zyds Huiszitten Huis - Almshouses Amsterdam


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Title: 'Platte Gronden van het Oude Zyds Huiszitten Huis en Huiszitten Weduwen Hof, benevens deszelfs Opstallen'.

Large impressive engraving on two joined sheets with beautiful colouring. At the left a plan and left and right views of the Oudezijds Huiszittenhuis and storagehouses. At the right a plan and bottom middle en right bottom corner views of the Huiszitten- Weduwenhof (Karthuizerhof) . On top left and right allogorical figures and guirlandes and putti holding the cotes of arms. Top centre the cote of arms of Amsterdam.

Artist: Adolph van der Laan

Size: 60 x 96 cm (image) 90 x 125 cm (frame)

Year: 1735

Condition: Very good

VAT: Margingoods


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