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Caerte van de Heer - Huygen - Waert

Between 1540 and 1650 a process of land reclamation was carried out which, after al slow start, culminated during the first part of the seventeenth century. In 1625 the States of Holland and West-Friesland  gave permission to dike in and drain the Heerhugowaard, a lake north-east of Alkmaar. This was accomplished in 1621. Niolaas Jansz. Visscher made a map of the reclaimed land on which it is divided in lots of 15 'morgen', a common measure in Holland which is sometimes explained as "the amount of land that can be ploughed by one span of oxen in one morning"

Size: 56 x 56 cm.
Engraving with later colouring
This is a later impression from the plate.  ( 19th. century ?)

VAT: Margingoods


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