Gesigt over het Spaarne- View of the Spaarne Haarlem


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Title: 'Gesigt over het Spaarne by de Brouwerij het Dubbelt Anker binnen Haarlem. Naar het leven Get.en in 't koper gebragt door J. Swertner 1764.

Lovely view at the Spaarne with in the background the 'Lange Brug' and a lot of action with ships and people fishing , trading and working with beer barrels from one of the breweries at the Spaarne.

A rare work by the dutch artist and Hernhutter Johannes Swertner (1746 - 1813) He did two of these etching after which two optical prints were made in Augsburg.

Size: 23 x 37 cm

Condition: Good (ample margings)

VAT: Margingoods, no VAT


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